LACRIMA PISCATORIUM – Fishermen's tear

NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt
seasonal sculptural complex 2010 – 2011 “LACRIMA PISCATORIUM” (Fishermen's tear)

Perfect art, creating means of its work in symbols of artistic creativity, based on a solid interpretation of the reasons, presented by works, perfectly speaks on the accessible language of art, called “contemporary”.

Ecumenical trio of nonvisual art masters ANNA ROTAS / ARXENEKROHEN / MAXAM AREPO leaves a trail of its annual meeting, that occurred on 22.12.2010 02:38 at NCCA art residence during the winter solstice – the seasonal sculptural complex, illustrating the urgent interests of the authors.

The body and the shadow of the heap, named “CONTEMPORARY” at 21.06.2010 15:28 (HERMETAGE research archive opening) – snow heap, created in the likeness of earthen heap “CONTEMPORARY”, covered with snow

similar – is unmatched. Principles of the traditional view at contemporary art are unmatched, as well as motivations to make it

there is no need: no recognizable and possible to accomplish with its name, and in accordance with it. coming again on the same basis of space, progressive acts of natural, versus being creative with outgoing consequences, always let events follow the continued assumption of a better combination of individual, capable of a phenomenal story. the symbol of simplicity of its text could be a natural creativity, which holds only its own specificity of co-existence in the neighboring forms of traceless painting, which doesn't contain internal and external, a balanced comparison of the visible at each subsequent time, a true attention of perceived works – free of the place

anna rotas   10.10.2004
ARXENEKROHEN (RUS) vertical block of ice
failure of perceivable – is a temporary phenomenon as opposed to contemplative participation in its process; natural instruments – are not less than performed works, performance skill – is not less than essence of the product

there is no need to act:

text immersed in the perfection within the limits, from one – becomes many, from many – one, disappearing and appearing again in the spontaneous changes, don not appear depleted of action to penetrate into the present everywhere, unchanging, not attainable as a part and partly inaccessible,  the meaning of pronounced – in the utterance, not pronounced – in the unsaid, the density and the void – present and absent

positive relief of the final and the irreversible availability

indivisibility in the non-divisible narration, text of intended message of the vertical – direction, formulated by the space of density, fruit of irrevocable multiplication from the simple to the limit as a maximum of logical extension

Elevation of the formal relief, elevation that has taken the integrity of an underlying basis, adapted by the volume of capacity it depleted, the lawlessness in the unobstructed co-functioning in co-duration of terrain elevation.

Mikhael A Crest  sator ArXeNeKrOHeN 1997

MAXAM AREPO (GR) "LACRIMA PISCATORIUM" - 153 fishes frozen in ice

no need:

product of the consequence is comparable to the essence of reason, proportionally manifesting its own base. this goes like this, because this is an infinite sequence. noncasual is no different from non existence of the consequence. nothing is approved and denied in relation to combined nothing. there is no recognizable and possible to accomplish with its name and in accordance with it.

unrealizable in the omnipresent, not knowing the appearance in unstoppable flow of perfect movement – the opposite of its utterance

MAXAM AREPO draws attention to the twenty-first chapter of John, verse 11:

Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.

The Christian world has not mastered the secret of this parable. Speculation and vague assumptions about the catch appear in the institute of early and modern faith.

Means of contemporary art authors, who founded the vector of their work to the possible extents, during the work, which lasted for 15 years, brought visible results and not only in the manner of shown at the “glade of arts” illustrations, but also in practical evidence in the structure of research, the proceedings of which will be solemnly hidden on 20.03.2011 at 23:31, at the seasonal closing ceremony of the research archive HERMETAGE